Q: What is a Zodiac?

A Zodiac is a rigid inflatable watercraft that is so versatile, dependable, and safe that it is used by the US Coast Guard, police, and other maritime first responders as well as countless militaries the world over. Our Zodiacs are two feet longer than all other Zodiacs being used for similar tours and have deep V hulls that provide smooth sailing through even the choppiest of conditions.

Q: Are there weight or height restrictions?

Weight limit is 350 pounds per person. There is no height restriction. 

Q: Will we be able to stop?

There are designated stopping points during each tour and for your safety, we cannot stop outside of those spots. However, if at any point during your tour you need to stop, please alert your guide.

Q: will i get wet?

Rain gear will be provided as part of the tour to keep guests dry from rain and from any possible spray that may occur.

Q: Can I bring a camera with me?

Yes, dry bags will be provided for your cameras.

Q: Will I see wildlife?

There is always an opportunity to see wildlife, but animals are not guaranteed. Search for wildlife including seals, sea otters, sea lions, humpback whales, orcas, eagles, various seabirds, or even brown bears.

Q: Can I bring a bag with me?

Small dry bags will be provided for cameras and other small necessities. All other personal items will be safely locked in our office during the tour.