Downtown Sitka

about sitka

Accessible only by air or sea, Sitka is located on outer Baranof Island, part of the Alexander Archipelago of the Gulf of Alaska and Pacific Ocean. Situated on the edge of Tongass National Forest, Sitka is the oldest city in Alaska and the site of the signing of the purchase of Alaska by the United States from Russia on October 18, 1867.

It comprises portions of Baranof and Japonski Islands, connected by the O’Connell Bridge. This bridge was the first cable stayed bridge built in the Western Hemisphere. Japonski Island is home to the Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport, a University of Alaska Southeast campus, Mount Edgecumbe High school (a state-run boarding school for rural Alaskans), a local hospital, a US Coast Guard Air Station and the Coast Guard Cutter Kukui.

Sitka holds a fascinating blend of native Tlingit culture as well as Russian history. With a population of about 9000, Sitka’s largest industries include healthcare, education, fishing, hunting, and tourism.  Sitka offers incredible scenery, history, culture, and  wildlife. See it for yourself!



about us

We are a local company owned and operated right here in Sitka. We have 18 years of Alaska guide experience showcasing our beautiful state. What began as a summer job turned into a lifelong passion. Our boat tour is one-of-a-kind in Sitka and we look forward to sharing it with you!